SRA-West Racing Into Utah

Miller Motorsports Park is now Utah Motorsports Campus. That does not change much for the teams heading into battle this Labor Day weekend.

the track has not moved. AHRMA is still the host club and registration information is on their website. Mail in pre-entry runs until August 19 and online registration until Aug 26.

The track map has not changed and neither have the turn names. The track still looks like this but feels as fast as this. There is plenty of data to play with. Garages are being secured as well. With the change of ownership, the price has to be renegotiated so the one change may be the cost per team to utilize the garages. A solid number will be announced when it is known.

Check in on our Facebook page or fan page to let us know if you plan to attend, and head to the official event webpage for the full low-down.

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