The Struggle of the First Time Passenger

The first race for a sidecar co-pilot is usually a frantic time of trying to remember 100 things while staying calm and still trying to breathe (mustn’t forget to breathe). It’s even more intense when your first race is aboard one of the fastest sidecars in the country.

Witness this video short by Mike Naddorius of Seed Filmworks. It shows the first race of the season through the eyes of Team Johnny Killmore’s veteran driver John Wood, and rookie passenger Sean Delvin. With less than 15 laps on a sidecar, Delvin went from 11th on the starting grid to 1st place within two corners.

As frantic as the ordeal was, he did everything possible to keep fighting, until arm pump and fatigue took over. And it wasn’t from a lack of training. Delvin is a rock climber and an accomplished wingsuit pilot, so he is definitely not new to speed.

This video shows graphically how difficult it is to come in with no experience and pilot the chair of a formula sidecar. Check it out:

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