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SRA-West Sidecar Racing News

Results: Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, Saturday 5 Laps

1. William Becker/ Eric Becker 2. John Wood/ Wyatt Vandergeest 3. Bernard Juchli/ Kevin Kautzky 4. Steve Stull/ Heidi Neidhoefer 5. Phil Wood/ John Glover 6. Chris Wood/ Aaron McEwen 7. Donn Sayre/ Gary McEwen 8. Elizabeth Herlocker/ Kendra MacDonald 9. Hank Nelson/ Evan Nelson DNF 10. Sean Baaken/ Unknown    DNF

SRA-West Elections Are Underway

Attention members,   Elections for the 2016-2017 term are officially underway. Voting will be open from 12am PST October 5th, 2015, and will close at 11:59pm PST November 14, 2015. People can either email with their votes or mail in their vote physically with their name and phone number to the SRA-West address.  You […]

RESULTS: SRA-West Race 2: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

RESULTS: SRA-West RACE 1, Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Team Johnny Killmore takes victory over Team Bell, but a set up change may turn the tides tomorrow.

[EDIT] Attention Racers: Round 7 Information

Round 7 of the SRA-West Formula Sidecar Series is fast approaching. The event is Sep 26-27 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s Outside Road Course with host club WERA. There is no pre-registration for this event. Entry fee is $150 and features practice (one Saturday, two Sunday) and one sprint race each on Saturday and […]

MMP Results September 6th, 2015

SUNDAY RESULTS-6 LAPS: 1. Kelly Bell/Daniel Bergeron 2. Bernard Juchli/Kevin Kautzky 3. Wade Boyd/Eric Lindauer 4. John Wood/Giorgina Gottlieb 5. Steve Stull/ Heidi Neidhoefer 6. Elizabeth Herlocker/Kendra McDonald 7. Donn Sayre/ Evelyne Scholz 8. Dave Kaechele/ Jason Vaden 5-laps 9. Rick Murray/ Tamara Moore DNF

MMP Results September 5th, 2015

MILLER MOTORSPORTS PARK SATURDAY RESULTS-6 LAPS: 1. Kelly Bell/Daniel Bergeron 2.Wade Boyd/Eric Lindauer 3. Bernard Juchli/Kevin Kautzky 4. John Wood/Giorgina Gottlieb 5. Steve Stull/ Heidi Neidhoefer 6. Donn Sayre/ Evelyne Scholz 7. Elizabeth Herlocker/Kendra McDonald 8. Rick Murray/ Tamara Moore 5-laps 9. Dave Kaechele/ Jason Vaden 5-laps

Documentary Film Featuring Team Lady Fifteen Set For Release

A documentary short by producer Ned Thanhouser featuring the SRA-West’s own Team Lady Fifteen has been announced with a tentative release date of January, 2016. Rookie driver Elizabeth Herlocker and rookie passenger Kendra McDonald have spent much of the 2015 season with mechanical gremlins and they would be a shoe-in for any hard luck awards. […]

Attention Competitors: Sept 4-6 Miller Motorsports Park

The SRA-West’s crown jewel every year has classically been on Labor Day weekend with host club AHRMA at Miller Motorsports Park’s East Loop. Known as the Bonneville GP, the SRA-West’s largest turnout for nearly a decade has been at the Tooele, Utah facility. Because of this we continue our tradition of renting GP garages right […]

SRA-West Round 5 Review: Miller Motorsports Park

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For the first time ever sidecars took on the 3.0 mile Perimeter Course at the fabled Miller Motorsports Park. The SRA-West Formula Sidecar Series raced in conjunction with WERA’s Lucas Oils/ Pirelli Grand National event this past weekend which saw a strong turnout of riders from coast-to-coast on both two and three […]